Born and raised in Mexico City, Edson has always had a passion for preparing the best of Mexican cuisine and for showcasing the richly diverse food of Mexico, which is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. His love of good food started at an early age, when at aged 5  he started to help his grandmother prepare family meals in the kitchen.

Edson was initially inspired by the street food that it is available in Mexico City, usually called Antojitos Mexicanos. When he moved to the Mexican Caribbean to study at university he was also greatly influenced by the cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula.

During the 10 years he has spent living outside of Mexico was when Edson learnt how to re-create Mexican flavours when sourcing ingredients was often a challenge.He became rather skilled at fitting Dried chillies, Masa, Achiote, Oaxacan chocolate bars, vanilla from Papantla, fresh Habanero chiles and recently grasshoppers in to his suitcase.

Edson began Santo Remedio in 2013 as a Pop-Up, Supper Club, and catering company, which was also a regular feature at Street Feast.

He  was most recently Head of Menu Innovation at the Wahaca Restaurant Group where he worked closely with Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby, the company’s co-founders.

Edson has drawn inspiration for the dishes he prepares from his family's recipes as well as his extensive travels in Mexico. He spent several months undergoing culinary training at one of Mexico's top restaurants, and one of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants, Casa Oaxaca, under the tutelage of the much celebrated chef Alejandro Ruiz.

Edson has also lived in New York where he worked as a private chef cooking for private dinners and parties.

As he is no longer bothered by the English weather Edson now considers himself a true Londoner.